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What Kind Of Wedding Should I Have?

I love weddings! That's also why I'm a wedding photographer lol! I also love a good love story! It's one reason i have a pre-wedding questionnaire, it gives the couple a chance to share their story and that helps me get to know the couples a little better so we can determine whether or not we could be a good fit. This is where it starts to get a bit tricky. I've had some very interesting couples make enquiries about their wedding photography, some couples have mistaken a micro wedding for an elopement. They say they want a small wedding but they're expecting over 100 people! No dear, that's not a small wedding at all. I had a really sweet couple say they wanted an elopement and would be traveling out of state for the destination style wedding, the problem is they're expecting 45 people. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the number of people you would love to have at your wedding, but if you decide to book an elopement package then it may interest you to know if your wedding qualifies for it. I'm going to help you truly understand the type of wedding you're trying to have and what sets them apart from others. From my experience so far I'd say there are different types of couples and it definitely affects the kind of wedding they want for their special day. Some couples prefer something small, intimate and others prefer a more flamboyant fairytale wedding style. Of course, the budget plays a big role as to whether or not they can make their wedding dream come true.

There are definitely different wedding types and styles but I'm going to narrow it down to the difference in their numbers.

The Different Types of Weddings


The idea that people who go for an elopement style wedding are trying to cut expenses is false. Some couples are just more interested in sharing that special and intimate moment with those they know very well; family and very close friends and the guest count is usually no more than 20 people including the couple. The location doesn't really matter, it can be a wedding venue, a family home backyard, the woods or even the top of a mountain. Heads-up, you have to ensure that if there's going to be some kind of hike or mountain climbing, you would need to make adequate provisions for the wedding photographer to be able to get the job done. Flying them on an helicopter to the mountain would not be a bad idea, Trust me, you won't be the first.

Micro weddings:

Now this is a pretty popular one and the guest count usually is no more than 50 people. Usually the couple wants something intimate but they also don't want it too small. They want the feel of a big wedding but with close family friends and acquaintances. For this number of people you're going to need an actual wedding venue as you would be hard pressed to try to fit 50 people into an elopement style venue. You can have this type of wedding pretty much anywhere but keep in mind that the space has to be big enough to accommodate these 50 people, tables, chairs etc.

Big wedding:

This would typically be a wedding where everyone is pretty much invited. Think friends and family with their plus one's, co-workers, [people from high school] etc. Of course there's a big difference between 100 guests and over 250 guests, it still falls under the big wedding category and for this type of wedding, you're going to need two skilled wedding photographers to ensure that precious moments are captured beautifully.

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