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Choosing your Maid of Honor

You're engaged yah! It is always so exciting when you finally get engaged to the love of your life now it's time to share the news and show off that ring to your clique of friends. Whether you intend to make an announcement or you try an act so that your friends can figure it out themselves. Let's say you stylishly pick up a glass of wine off the table, and linger long enough for your friends to notice. Let's say they don't notice the first time so you pick up the wine glass and casually shake it with your left hand acting as if you're trying to emphasize a point and ta-da! One of your girls scream OMG! You're engaged! Everyone's eyes light up as they inch closer to hear you tell the full gist of how it all went down.

After all the excitement is tone down a notch, there comes the question of which of your friends would be bridesmaids and the maid of honor.

It can be really tough to pick a maid of honor especially if you have very good friends who love you and are capable. I'm going to help you figure out how to chose a maid of honor.

Let's do a quick dive into the duties of a maid of honor.

Dress shopping: going dress shopping is a very important duty of a MOH, you want someone who can share the excitement with you but still be kind enough to give you their honest opinion on the dress with love.

Keeping the bride organized:

Ever been to a wedding where a Bride's veil is about to come loose, who spots it? Yes, the MOH . A MOH ensures that the bride looks picture perfect for her special day. A very efficient MOH even helps the Photographer straighten the Bride's dress for bridal portraits, holds the bouquet, fixes her hair and eliminates stray hairs.

Assistant wedding day coordinator :

The truth is no matter how much information you have on your wedding invitation cards, there's still going to be questions asked. Your MOH becomes the contact person when you can't be reached. She ensures that the bride is as stress free as possible. The wedding day is already stressful enough. The MOH is the point of contact even for the vendors who have some questions. When i have a wedding to photograph, i always ensure that i have the contact info of the MOH. They are invaluable. Sometimes the bride doesn't know where the rings are and it's time for wedding detail photos, I get hold of the MOH and the rings turn up.

Bride's personal cheer person:

I love to capture special moments with just the bride and her MOH, you won't understand the tension that the bride goes through on her special day, the doubts, tears, and other varying emotions. Having a solid MOH who's there to get a little silly with the bride and make her laugh is incredible! Having that emotional and moral support from the MOH is very important.

Keeping the squad together:

You chose a MOH who you know can help get everyone together. From helping to pick the colors, dress styles for the bridesmaids, wedding playlist, and special dances to showcase for the reception etc. It can be really tough to get everyone together to agree on something. A MOH keeps the bridesmaids organized, they even help plan the Bachelorette and ensure that it's something you will enjoy.

Having listed some of the duties of a MOH, you have to be honest with yourself and leave sentiments aside when picking a MOH. You will need someone who is capable and dependable. I'll say start with family, if you have a beautiful relationship with your sibling then that's good, if they're capable and dependable that's even better. There's also no rule about how many MOH to have, you can have 2 people serve as your MOH. Above all you need someone who understands that your wedding day isn't about them but about you, your future spouse and the start of your journey together as a couple.

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